bt weekly

Packaging and Distributing Flower

Bud Technology sources flower on behalf of other brands and wholesale distributors.

We also provide packaging, filling, labeling, and all compliant COA's on every product.

Dime Industries

Manufacturing and Distributing

Bud Technology manufactures and distributes with brands on their behalf. We strive to provide the best customer service when delivering product and collecting payment. We keep all inventory on track and trace system and provide updated inventory when product is low. Bud Technology also provides weekly and monthly sales reports to all brands.


Non Store Front

Bud Technology has been issued its non store front license early 2020 and has started delivering cannabis goods to consumers directly to their home.

You can find our delivery website at We are delivering to Southern California only. All first time buyers will receive a 20% off discount at checkout.

Bud Weekly

Exclusive Distribution and Manufacturing Partners

Bud Technology is the exclusive brand licensee for the following:

  • BT Weekly Bud
  • Flor Pure Flower
  • Dime Industries
  • Royal Family
  • Boomba Labs

Product Tracking Software

Bud Technology has partnered with a Cannabis tracking system that is approved by the Cannabis Bureau that tracks legal THC deliveries. Using the software gives us the ability to do the following:

  • Real Time Pick up, Transportation, and Delivery
  • Compliance, reporting, data encryption, tracking, transportation manifests, state integration with METRC, and employee task management.

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